How to cultivate a growth mindset in your child

Does your child get frustrated and give up (or throw something) when he or she isn’t able to do something new on the very first try? When Bryn was a toddler, I noticed that failure didn’t faze her at all. If she was trying to hop from square to square and landed in the wrong place, she’d go all the way back to the beginning and start over, again and again, until she was satisfied.

But lately, as she’s approaching four years old, I’ve noticed that she has very little tolerance for imperfection, even with new skills. If she’s drawing, it has to “look right.” When she first started tracing, it infuriated her! This perfectionism has snuck in, turning fun new activities into crank-fests. Later that day or the next, I’ll notice that she went back some time after she’d stomped away, and she practiced privately until she figured it out. So what is going on? Continue reading