This blog generates income for our family.

My goal is to offer you (my audience) something of real value. I am an Independent Consultant for Usborne Books & More, which means I earn a commission on any books you purchase through my UBAM e-commerce site. I also earn a smaller commission on books purchased for donation using the EDC matching grant program, although not on the 50% match itself. Love & Literacy is not a 501c3 charity due to the extraordinary cost and complexity involved, but all donation recipients are 501c3 charities focused on children and literacy.

Sometimes my content will feature affiliate partners, free products, sponsored posts, sponsored giveaways or other paid content. All opinions are always my own, however, and I will not even consider marketing agreements that stipulate a positive opinion or false review. I take this responsibility very seriously.

So what is affiliate marketing? If I link to a product or site from Love & Literacy or on social media, I might earn income if you click on it, make a purchase, subscribe, etc. There is no additional cost passed along to you. But for me, those pennies here and there add up, and I sincerely appreciate your support!

Free products are just that, products sent to me to keep by companies that would like to promote them. Again, if I choose to write about the product, all opinions are my own.

Sponsored posts? Companies sometimes pay bloggers to write about certain subjects or mention products. I only write sponsored posts about reputable companies I have personal experience with, and that fit the purpose of this blog. You won’t see any sponsored posts about tooth whitening or weight-loss teas!

Finally, I love doing giveaways and contests, sponsored or self-funded, to generate interest in this blog and to keep my audience excited and engaged. I hope you enjoy them and share those links with your friends! Good luck!

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