Through Love & Literacy, I work year-round to collect donations of new, high quality books from Usborne Books & More for children in need, including foster children, pediatric cancer and other hospital patients, and children in shelters due to domestic violence or economic insecurity.

Lifetime of Literacy

Each dollar donated to purchase books is matched 50% by the Educational Development Corporation’s (ECD) Literacy for a Lifetime matching grant program. The value of the donated books equals 150% of the donated amount, with no additional expenses such as taxes or shipping.

If you would like to make a donation, please visit my DONATE Books to Love & Literacy event to shop. You may select any books you like, for any age children. This program serves children with an extremely wide range in reading ability and interests, so whether it’s a chapter book about Fairy Ponies, a Peek Inside book about dinosaurs, a Touchy-Feely board book, a Big Book of Rockets and Spacecraft, or The Marvels and Mysteries of Science, there’s a child for whom it will open a door of possibilities.

If you shop online right now at the link above and buy just four paperback chapter books for about $20 total, six children can receive new books.

If you make a tax-deductible cash donation of at least $250, your donation will generate $375 worth of new books, enough for up to 75 children to receive a book of their very own. Even more if your employer offers a match on employee donations!

If you or your company makes a $1000 cash donation, that’s $1500 worth of brand new books. Imagine how many children we can reach!

Our family believes that every child should have an endless library of books at their disposal, not only to ensure literacy and intellectual development, but to provide a world of escape and imagination that is theirs alone.

When we were researching the possibility of starting our family through adoption from the foster care system, we learned that many children are removed from their homes or shuffled between various foster families and group homes with little more than a garbage bag to hold their clothing. Toys, books, and all the memories they hold are often left behind out of necessity.

I want to make sure that every child living through these traumatic experiences receives one brand-new, high-quality book to call their own. Each of these children should have a book with their name inscribed inside the cover, something that they can read and slip under their pillow at night. And something that they can grab in a hurry if they are abruptly moved to a new home or facility.

Please note that donation purchases less than $250 are not tax-deductible and will be combined to reach the minimum donation amount to qualify for the matching grant funds. If you are interested in making a larger, tax-deductible donation, please contact me directly. There is no upper limit to the matching grant donations.

We will also be at community events hosting charity raffles to benefit the Love & Literacy book donation program. If you would like to know when you can find us out in the Tampa Bay community and you’d like to stop by or donate a raffle prize, please send me an email! Thank you!

Usborne Publishing Ltd. (UK) has no connection with these pages and does not sponsor or support their content. Love & Literacy is not a 501c3 charity itself due to the extraordinary costs required, but all recipients of donated books through this program are without exception designated 501c3 charities benefiting children. As an Usborne Books & More Independent Consultant, I earn a commission on books purchased through EDC’s Literacy for a Lifetime matching grant program.