First Day of Preschool & Our Home Curriculum

Thursday was a big day for our family. Bryn had her first day of preschool, which she will be attending two mornings a week this year. We are really excited for her, and she was thrilled to fly the nest this morning and be dropped off. I teared up a little bit, but not until we were out of the parking lot on the way to Starbucks!


Bryn didn’t have a worry in the world about being dropped off for preschool this morning!

Because we plan to homeschool her when she’s old enough for kindergarten, we look at her preschool more as a fun social activity for her, rather than any sort of high-stakes preparation for the rigors of kindergarten worksheets, reading, writing, etc. She has plenty of time to learn those things. Right now we just want her to have fun. And she certainly did.

When we picked her up, she had messy hair, sandy shoes and lots to say!


Celebrating a successful first day with cupcakes from Smallcakes in Largo, FL. Yum!

I did a short video to share with you the books we are going to use this year for Bryn’s preschool at home.

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What did you think of these videos? Want more?

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