Books & Crafts: National Aviation Day is August 19th

A very big day for many preschoolers is almost here — National Aviation Day on August 19th! What fun things are you doing to fuel your littles’ love for airplanes? If you haven’t come up with any lofty ideas, I’m here to help!With any kind of holiday or themed unit, it’s nice to start with a book, or even a small selection of books. Usborne Books & More and Kane Miller have you covered with some amazing activity and non-fiction books for all ages. I’ll share my favorites, but you can check out the complete assortment by visiting my ecommerce storefront using the link in my sidebar. As you probably know, I am an Independent Consultant for these amazing publishers!


Once you take off into the exciting world of aviation, you’ll want to bring it all home with a few fun crafts. I’ve curated a great bunch of craft activities for you from my favorite site for inspiration, Pinterest. Have you followed Homeschool Sherpa there? If not, you’re missing out!

News With Naylors Airplane Cloud JumpI just love this gross motor skills activity, the Airplane Cloud Jump from the blog News With Naylors. Draw some large chalk clouds outside on the driveway, write large numbers in each one to add some early counting/math practice, and your little airplane pilot will be cloud hopping all over the place.

I found two great sensory bin options, depending on your preferred level of messiness. From the House of Burke blog comes an idea for a cute sensory bin using blue-dyed rice and fluffy cotton ball clouds. Too cute! All you need to accessorize is a bunch of toys from Safari Ltd.’s In The Sky TOOB (affiliate link). If you’re up for a bit of a mess, School Time Snippets makes their sensory bin using shaving cream. And of course if you have younger toddlers or babies, there’s nothing stopping you from using whipped cream!

What about those budding artists? How about some adorable craft projects? I like open-ended play (like the sensory bins) to really stoke the imagination, but I find that more predictable craft projects give Bryn a sense of accomplishment and pride in the finished project. So we do these crafts in addition to open-ended painting, drawing, etc.

I love this cute handprint airplane craft from Crafty Morning. All you need is a little bit of paint, some construction paper and a marker. This is a great opportunity to work on scissor skills as well, because the shape is large and simple.

Crafty Morning Aviation Handprint Craft

Isn’t this adorable? And Bryn’s favorite color!

Here are a few more ideas for bringing your National Aviation Day celebration in for a strong landing (affiliate links):

Need even more fun ideas? The blog One Time Through put together a bundle of 21+ Awesome Airplane Activities that I think you’ll love:

One Time Through Twenty Airplane Activities

I hope you all have a blast celebrating National Aviation Day with these fun books and activities! If you haven’t followed me on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram, now is your chance. I post and share lots of fun ideas, videos and interesting reads throughout the week when I’m not working feverishly on my next official blog post. So be sure to click on the social media icons in my sidebar. Thanks!

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